Worker finds malfunctioning water well was full of snakes

A utility worker doing maintenance on a faulty water well in Iowa raised a pipe from the well and discovered it was covered in more than a half dozen snakes.

Latimer-based Mort’s Water Company said the worker pulled the pipe up from the malfunctioning well earlier this month and was greeted by 8-9 bull snakes slithering on the structure.

The company said in a Facebook post the snakes had apparently slithered into the well “through the top of a poorly sealed well casing.”

Mort’s Water Company said the snakes were a surprising sight, but they were not the cause of the well’s issue. The problem turned out to be a pump and motor in need of repair, the business said.

Bull snakes can grow up to 6 feet long, but they are non-venomous and not considered to be a threat to humans.