Giants take 5-3 lead into halftime

Seeing a 5-3 score roll across the screen when the baseball playoffs are going on is no surprise, but the 5-3 score on Sunday afternoon doesn’t come from the diamond.

The Giants used a safety and a field goal to wipe out Carolina’s early 3-0 lead and they took a 5-3 lead into halftime at MetLife Stadium.

The safety came after the Giants failed to score after getting a first down on the Carolina 2-yard-line in the first quarter. The failure to put points on the board was mitigated when their defense kept the Panthers from gaining yardage on their first two plays and quarterback Sam Darnold was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone on third down when he threw the ball away under pressure.

Daniel Jones piloted the Giants on a short drive after the free kick to set up the Graham Gano field goal that put them in the lead. Jones is 13-of-17 for 132 yards and he’s run for 22 yards while being sacked once.

Darnold is 12-of-19 for 85 yards and an interception in his first game at MetLife since being traded by the Jets this offseason. Drops were an issue for the Panthers last weekend and there were a couple more early this week, so the Panthers need to clean that up for their offense to find some momentum.